Clinton Supporters aren’t Compromising


I’ve noticed something coming from a lot of people who I know, or just those I see out there in social media land, that vexes me a bit. It’s this type of statement: “Well, yes, Trump is bad, I’ll admit that; but so is Clinton. Neither of them are worth any of our votes.”

It’s the way it’s said that ruffles my feathers. It’s a sense that this is as far as they’ll ever go. These are the “I don’t know what I’m going to do on November 8th – write someone in I guess” or the “I suppose on November 8th I’m just going to have to hold my nose and vote” people. The vibe I get from them is that they believe I should be happy and sing “Kumbaya” with them because they’re giving me what they think I want – admitting that Trump is awful. But see, that’s not what I want. I already know he’s awful.

This confession of no longer supporting an admitted sexual harasser, pathological liar, and clear narcissist with fascist leanings, to them, is compromise. But so many true conservative Republicans, and on the other end of the spectrum hardcore “Berners” are just not interested in budging past the roadblock of reality, because they feel like it’s saying they were wrong, maybe?

I see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices, sense it in the posts: They want me to meet them in the middle. They have to confess that either their party’s candidate or (in the case of certain Bernie Sanders zealots) the candidate they were willing to vote for as a retaliation against what they feel was unfair during the primaries, does not serve them now; can’t possibly serve them; because they have morals and values and Trump is clearly dangerous for our country.

It’s this sense of, “Okay, okay…we’re through the looking glass now. Yes. Trump is a con-artist; a hypocrite; an immoral loser who thinks he’s always winning. He could be the last one to cross the finish line in a three-legged race against babies who can’t walk, yet and he’d be shouting ‘I won! I won! In your face LOSERS!” He’s a douche, and everyone knows douches are actually detrimental to the health and well-being of lady parts, so there’s no more arguing it.”

Okay. Good. We can definitely agree there. But…after such admissions these certain people always qualify…BUT….your candidate is just as bad. Right? Huh huh huh? You’re gonna give me that one, right?  I’m admitting that my candidate sucks and I can’t possibly vote for him. Now you do the same. It’s only fair.

No! Just no!

The difference is, I NEVER supported Hillary Clinton because she was “all my party had” or as a way to get back at someone. I do not feel like a victim of an evil, corrupt government of which Hillary Clinton is just another immoral cog in the rusted wheel. Or worse, the unholy evil damned queen of all that is wrong with the world. Just no!

Here’s the deal: I like who I’m voting for. A lot! I believe in her! I believe in her platform. I believe in her experience. I believe she has proven herself to be a good – nay, great – politician. I am certain – yes certain – that her flaws and failings are of appropriate and acceptable amount and level for someone with a challenging and long career. Doctors lose patients. Lawyers lose cases. Teachers go entire school years without elevating the educations of certain students. Politicians who, in order to get the job in the first place, must try to find ways to do the impossible – please everyone – screw up. Every single one of them has made mistakes. The question is if they learn from the mistakes and if their positive attributes and general moral fiber are enough to outweigh the black marks on their record.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, I see a few pebbles on the negative side of the scale, made smaller from genuine contrition, and boulders of good on the other side of the scale. That is how I see it. And if you see none of that, I challenge that you have refused to look very hard.

So no, I won’t like your post or meme or comment that says both candidates suck. I won’t engage in a conversation where I agree with you that this whole election is pathetic because there are “literally no good candidates.” I happen to be excited that my favorite presidential candidate in history is looking like she might soon be my favorite POTUS in history. Feel free to stay there in the stubborn middle all you want. I won’t meet you there. I am not ashamed to say I have all along been uncompromisingly and proudly with her.


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